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"To become a part of the 1%, you have to start changing your mindset about money and seeing money as a tool!"

Kelly Rhodes | Co-Founder BWR


Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Aren't you sick of worrying about making ends? Do you have a plan to secure your financial future?

Black Wealth Renaissance is happy to present "Manage Your Money Like The 1%" a beginners guide to money management & investing.

This book is intended to help lay a strong foundation in your financial literacy education. After reading this book and properly applying the knowledge you should be able to overcome everyday financial obstacles. 

Here's what's inside:

*How to create a budget & stick to a budget

*The BWR Budgeting Spreadsheet

*How to set your budget on autopilot

*How to build an emergency fund

*Easy ways to save more money

*Proven methods to pay down debt

*How to prepare for retirement

*How to invest in the stock market

*How to invest in music royalties

*How to "be the bank"

*Different ways to own real estate

*How to start investing for as little as $1

* Low risk investments 

* Examples explaining how each investment works.

Welcome to the Renaissance!!!

 Let's take our first steps together on becoming financially literate.

Buy Now $27.99

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